Day 1

The following boats are entered :

Margarita IV

Grey Goose

Tres Mitades

Frayed Knot

Reel Office

Free Bird


No Limit

Reel Mistress

Free Willy

Costa Lotta



Pay It Forward

Reel Lucky

Santa Maria


Good luck to all !

Unofficial results Day 1 (DAILY ROLL CALL)

IMG 5517

Reel Mistress flags flying docking day 1

First Bill fish of the day – Ken Diaz of the Telamon @ 7:38 AM


Largest Dorado of the day – Mike Wusterbarth of the Margarita IV with a 23.8 pounder


Fun Fish Daily jackpot – no winner 


Fun Fish Overall jackpot – Margarita IV in first place with 39 points, no others for 2nd or 3rd place


$300 tournament jackpot  

Pay It Forward and Free Willy tied for 1st place with 2 billfish each, 

No limit in 3rd place with 1 billfish


$600 and $900 tournament jackpots  

Reel Mistress in 1st place with 10 billfish, 

Telamon in 2nd place with 3 billfish, 

Pay It Forward in 3rd place with 2 billfish

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